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Wide range of electric services. Fault finding and electrical rapairs. Iberdrola's paperwork.


We are based in Benidorm, and we provide English speaking electricians to all Costa Blanca North. We will not charge you a callout fee. Our prices are very competitive.


Worried about the increasing prices ot the electricity? You don't have electric supply at home because you live in the mountains? Maybe you should try solar photovoltaic systems. Ask us and we will find together the best solution.


Contact with us and we will offer you a free quote. Share with us your electrical problem and we will advise you and try to find the best solution to your needs.


Be warm at home with our low consumption ROINTE heat emitters


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With the arrival of digital meters or "smart meters", many people are having problems with their electrical supply.

As thy have an ICP (Interruptor de Control de Potencia) "Power Control Switch" embedded in them. The ICP is in charge of cutting the electric supply in case we are consuming more power than we have in the contract we signed with IBERDROLA.

Before the arriving of the smarts meters, it was mandatory to have an ICP installed in every home. it was usually next to the main panel in a sealed box. Many people has bypassed it, thus saving some money.


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The problem now, is that smart meters have the ICP embedded, so they can measure the amount of energy you are consuming as well as how much power. If you exceed the power, they will cut the supply.

With the old ICP's it was easy to restore the supply as you just had to go to your fuse box and rearm it.


<strong> But how do you restore the supply if you have an smart meter?</strong>

First of all, if the ICP has cut the electric supply, it is because you have too many electical appliances switched on at the same time, so first you have to do is to switch off some appliances so you will reduce the power consumption.

Once you have reduce the power consumption, you should go to the main panel and check that all circuits breakers are on (up). Then you should find the main circuit breaker (usually is the one you have further to the  left) and turn it off (down) for a few seconds. After that, you can switch it on again and the ICP should have restored the electrical supply.

In case that does not work, you have to go where the electric meter is placed and you will see it has a button. Just press the button for 1 second and the supply should be back.


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If none of the above works, then maybe your problem is not related with the ICP, then you should call a qualified electrician to check your panel box.

If the ICP cuts off the supply too often, then you are using too much power, and you should ask Iberdrola for an upgrade.



Electrical services

A an electrical company, we deal with a wide range of electrical work; from changing a light switch to wiring a house. If you want anything done involving something electrical, the we will be able to help you out.

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There is no job too large or too small. Contact us for more information.

House rewires

People usually have their houses rewired at the same time as a renovation or if there has been a fault and tests have shown a rewire irewiress recommended. House cables can suffer wear and tear over the years and keeping the electrical installation up to date is a good measure against any safety problems. A house rewire is quite a long process, not only does the cable need replacing but all switches, sockets and lighting removed and checked as well as the fuse box which should be changed at the same time. If your property is quite old and the wiring has not been checked for long time, it is advised to have it inspected and perhaps changed.





Electrical fault finding

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Many faults can occur in electrical systems and can be due to a number of different problems which is where fault finding is necessary. If circuit breaker goes down regularly or something has stopped working then we will need to trace the fault. It is highly recommended you do not try to correct any faults yourself, there could be further reasons why a problem is occuring. As skilled electricians, we will properly diagnose any fault and correct it for you.




New lighting and power circuits

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There are times when a new socket is needed. Many older houses have less sockets because there were less electrical appliances in comparison to today and often need more. An extension leads is a possibility but too many could overload that particular cicuit and be dangerous. We can add more sockets to make your life easier. Modern lighting comes in many varieties and often requires new cable to be run. We can set up new lighting for you and add the components so it is ready to be used.





Inspection and testing


mbelectrics faults

Inspection and testing of a properties wiring helps to ensure the safety of that installation and this is true for both domestic and commercial properties. A Domestic Installation Certificate proves the electrical system is safe and is often required when you wish to sell your property. A Domestic Minor Works Certificate is required when any small alterations are carried out on the electrical system in a property to ensure it is safe. For example, a change of lighting will require it to be tested and a minor work certificate filled out.

These are just a few of the electrical work we carry out. If you have any needs in regards to electrical wiring and components in your property then we will be able to help you so contact us today.

A Domestic Installation Certificate proves the electrical system is safe and is often required when you wish to sell your property. A Domestic Minor Works Certificate is required when any small alterations are carried out on the electrical system in a property to ensure it is safe.




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Your Local Installer Supplying Solar PV Systems Across Costa Blanca


With our wide electrical experience, MB ELECTRICS really is the smart choice for a quality solar PV installation. As accredited installers, we pride ourselves on delivering the latest technology at a truly competitive cost, and all backed up with our traditional high levels of customer service. 


We can advise on the best solar system for your property and your needs, and the right location for it. We will fit it with the minimum of disruption, and maintain it to ensure you get the maximum amount of free energy and the best return on your investment.


 Our aim is to give every customer the solar PV system that will work best for their needs - whether for a home, or for a commercial premises. This is why we take the time to understand your requirements, and provide the best possible advice on how you can benefit most from the system and the government incentives on offer. We can also guarantee a high quality installation and as a local company, you can be sure that we will be on the door step should you have any problems or questions in the future.


Unlike some larger solar PV companies, we don't just understand solar, we understand the whole electrical structure, so we are the perfect choice for integrating your systems and making sure that the power you need is always there for you, right when you need it. 

  • We are approved installers
  • We are not tied to single supplier so we can provide the best system for you
  • We offer a free survey and quotation
  • We don't do high pressure selling
  • We give you full support from a local company

MB ELECTRICS is based in Benidorm. We have successfully installed solar PV systems in homes and business across Alicante province including towns as Polop, Cocentaina, Llíber, Busot...


For more information on Solar PV (Photovoltaic Solar) or for asking for a quote get in contact with us







What is Solar PV?


Using cells mounted on your roof, solar PV converts light from the sun into cheap, green electricity. And not just on sunny days either. Solar PV can generate electricity on cloudy days, both in the summer time and in winter too - in fact all year around. The free electricity generated can be used to power household appliances and lighting. 


How Much Can I Save going solar?


With electricity prices increasing yerar after year, should you choose to have a solar PV installation, the savings can be significant. To get the maximum benefit you need the right system for your needs, installed in the right location on your premises, normally on your roof.


Please contact our solar PV team for a detailed price, an estimated saving and a payback.


MB ELECTRICS isthe smart choice for a solar PV installation. We will deliver the latest technology at a competitive cost with traditional levels of service. We will take the time to explain which is the best possible solar PV system for your home. We will take the time to install the system to the highest standard using high quality fittings. And we will take the time to test the system properly and offer any support you might need in the future.

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