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With the arrival of digital meters or "smart meters", many people are having problems with their electrical supply.

As thy have an ICP (Interruptor de Control de Potencia) "Power Control Switch" embedded in them. The ICP is in charge of cutting the electric supply in case we are consuming more power than we have in the contract we signed with IBERDROLA.

Before the arriving of the smarts meters, it was mandatory to have an ICP installed in every home. it was usually next to the main panel in a sealed box. Many people has bypassed it, thus saving some money.


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The problem now, is that smart meters have the ICP embedded, so they can measure the amount of energy you are consuming as well as how much power. If you exceed the power, they will cut the supply.

With the old ICP's it was easy to restore the supply as you just had to go to your fuse box and rearm it.


<strong> But how do you restore the supply if you have an smart meter?</strong>

First of all, if the ICP has cut the electric supply, it is because you have too many electical appliances switched on at the same time, so first you have to do is to switch off some appliances so you will reduce the power consumption.

Once you have reduce the power consumption, you should go to the main panel and check that all circuits breakers are on (up). Then you should find the main circuit breaker (usually is the one you have further to the  left) and turn it off (down) for a few seconds. After that, you can switch it on again and the ICP should have restored the electrical supply.

In case that does not work, you have to go where the electric meter is placed and you will see it has a button. Just press the button for 1 second and the supply should be back.


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If none of the above works, then maybe your problem is not related with the ICP, then you should call a qualified electrician to check your panel box.

If the ICP cuts off the supply too often, then you are using too much power, and you should ask Iberdrola for an upgrade.